Reeds & Cane

Reeds are a necessary component of playing the oboe. While many students buy their reeds from a teacher or other source, more advanced oboists may choose to make their own reeds. Ideally, oboists should make their own reeds so they can customize them to their style of playing. Below, please find two documents I created that may be useful resources for you as you navigate reed making.

Reed Making Methodology

Scraping Tutorial (A Step-by-Step Picture Guide)

If you are interested in buying reeds or cane from me, please fill out the contact form below. My reeds are made to be responsive, stable, and in tune (A=440), while having a pleasant tone. Please indicate any special requests you may have (thread color, hardness of reed, shape, etc.) and I will do my best to accommodate them. Once you contact me, I will email you a PayPal or Venmo link, or we can arrange other payment. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing cane, and up to 5 business days for making reeds. There will be a flat $5 shipping and handling charge added to all orders (USA domestic shipping only). All reeds and cane have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thank you!

Oboe reed = $20     English horn reed = $25

Oboe reed blank (tied only, not scraped)  = $10

Gouged cane* = $2 per piece     Gouged and shaped cane** = $3 per piece

*I use an Innoledy gouging machine and 10-10.5 diameter cane. My standard gouge is 59-60mm. If you would like a 57-58mm gouge, please indicate it on your contact form. If you are interested in specific cane, please contact me for my current selection. All oboe reeds use 47mm Advantage French silver staples.

**I use a Gilbert -1 shaper tip. If you would like a wider shape, please indicate it on your contact form. (Other shape choices: Gilbert +1, Pfeiffer-Mack, and Coehlo.)